Dave Haas – Fun Fiddle Tunes


Dave Haas – Fun Fiddle Tunes




This workbook/2-CD set was written for all who aspire to improve their playing of fiddle tunes, and other tunes with a fast tempo, and build their repertoire of songs.

The book is more than a collection of fiddle tunes – it provides over 2 hours of detailed written and audio instruction of the left and right hand techniques needed to play quickly, cleanly, and smoothly. The workbook consists of 32 popular fiddle tune arrangements and 11 exercises which build the skills necessary to play fiddle tunes and other fast songs on the mountain dulcimer. Many of the tunes included are those played in jam sessions and at club meetings.

Also included is a description of first and second position backup chords, and how to use the “chop” to liven up your backup accompaniment. All of the instruction, tunes and exercises are referenced to the accompanying 2-CD set, which allows the listener to play along with the instructor while learning to bring forth lively fiddle tunes from the mountain dulcimer.

56 pages.

Songs included:

Angelina Baker – DAD Tuning
Barlow Knife – DAD Tuning
Boatman– DAD Tuning
Boil Dem Cabbage – DAD Tuning
Chinese Breakdown – DAD Tuning
Cluck Old Hen – DAD Tuning
Cripple Creek – DAD Tuning
Crooked Ridge – DAD Tuning
Dancing Cow – DAD Tuning – Composed by: Will Manahan And Dave Haas
Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss – DAD Tuning
Gray Cat On A Tennessee Farm – DAD Tuning
Groundhog– DAD Tuning
John Stinson’s #2 – DAD Tuning
Liza Jane – DAD Tuning
Mississippi Sawyer – DAD Tuning

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